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The World Snowboard Guide made its first appearance on the web in 2001

The philosophy of the site is the same as the book; we are truly independent and will tell you exactly what a resort is like.

Since its launch the site's had a number of transformations and a major revamp and rebrand in 2007. The website is developed in-house but was redesigned by Tristan Spill.

The site is updated daily by our team of reviewers and now consists of around 10,000 pages.

Advertising is available in a number of different formats can be placed on almost every page. You can also market your company via our newsletter, visit our web advertising page for more details on the opportunities available.

Whats on the website

The website covers over 1000 resorts across the world, as well as news, events and numerous articles about snowboarding.

Resort reviews

Of the 1000 resorts featured on the site, around 500 have full reviews. A review consists of an introduction, riding guide, off-the hill and travel sections. As with the book the riding guide covers freeriding, terrain parks, pistes and what it's like for beginners. Off the hill discusses the town itself, what accommodation is available, food and of course the bars & nightclubs. There are an increasing number of photos from our own library on each resort and also lots of video footage courtsey of youtube.

News & Events

As media partners for the British Snow Tour and the TTR series, we keep you up to date with all the snowboard events and regularly post news stories covering improvements to resorts and other related stories.

And lots more

Registered users can keep a diary of all the places they've been boarding and write their own reviews of resorts to share with others.

There's articles covering summer-riding, beginners, styles, heli-boarding, snow speak in 6 languages and a load of other nonsense. Read our blogs, links to other sites, the list goes on an on ... just visit the site and see for yourself.


Resort reviews

  • Each review has been written by our independent team
  • Each review is broken down into introduction, freestyle, freeride, pistes, town, nightlife, staying, getting there
  • Easy to read summaries and ratings
  • Photos, webcams, video, news & events

News & Events

  • Latest resort developments
  • Events calendar with dedicated sections on the TTR Tour, Freeride Tour, and the UK Snowtour


  • Beginners, riding backcountry, summer snowboarding and many others
  • Regular competitions

Share your experiences

  • Build a map of where you've been
  • Create your own snowboard diary
  • Comment on resorts

Services and Tools

  • Search for your holiday bargain
  • Book a hotel
  • Get insured
  • Add our headlines to your website