About us

The World Snowboard Guide was started back in 1996 by Tony Brown who also opened the UK's first dedicated snowboard shop in Aviemore. In August 2004 it was bought by Steve Dowle and the company World Snowboard Guide Ltd was formed. After 3 years of writing such a long company name, it was renamed to WSG Media Ltd, and that's where we currently are.

The ethos has always remained the same; the role of the company is not only to provide the most up to date and informative product as possible, but to try and inspire you to get out there and enjoy it for yourself.

There's no point in trying to pretend to be something we're not. We are a tiny company. Yes, we have an office in swinging Soho in London, but no-one works from there. We are essentially a network of enthusiastic individuals from all over the world with the same common goal, and if we were in it for the money, we'd be long gone by now. We are a bunch of snowboard instructors, examiners, geek's, past and present Olympians, sponsored pro's, seasonal bums, shapers, lifties and two weekers.